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The Fashion House as inspiration.  
The best Fashion Houses stood and still stands the test of time. Their work is at the heart of the times we live in and timeless at the same moment, they create that which remains when fashion-trends have passed.
As a designer it is important to know your Masters. This means researching into the origins of collections, ideas and heritage. Learning to recognise them, so that you don’t just know the fundamentals of what a Fashion House produces but you can also design for them, comment on their work in your own designs, and provoke new ideas. A fashion house has been around for some time, enough time for you to find tools to research their heritage.

In the specialism collection you are challenged to xplore the professional boundaries of working within a set signature style and entrepreneurial identity to further develop and refine your own signature style. You will discover how to maintain an exciting balance between your own preferences, interests and skills and the professional context in which you are employed. Furthermore, the particular set of skills and knowledge that the specialism collection provides will enable you to comprehend what the value of a consistent and recognizable signature is, how to develop it and how to maintain it.