----------SS/2019 collection: Fashion Statements
----------Location: Amsterdam, Paris

Viktor & Rolf is a fashion house which specializes in creating conceptual and avant-garde designs. For more than twenty years Viktor & Rolf have sought to challenge preconceptions of fashion, and bridge the divide between fashion and art. Viktor & Rolf have designed both haute couture and ready-to-wear collections. The duo is renowned for their avant-garde designs, which rely heavily on theatrical and performative fashion runways.

*According to company confidentiality policy, images from a development process are not allowed to be published.
I contributed towards artwork developement together with V&R atelier team. In total 11 looks (out of 18 looks collection) I was compleating on their main artwork (slogan on dress) developement, or took a part in a process: sample developement, material preperation, lasercutting developement, stitched together, located and attached on dress.

I am honored that my skills and enthusiasm can contribute to V&R process of creating a professional collection. It was unforgettable to support Viktor & Rolf atelier with all my energy, dedicating my blood, sweat, passion and love for creating fashion.