---------CLASH (STUDIO 1,2)>2016

---------about project

The S3 programme is focused on the Design Project and on the development of Core Skills. It is constructed to develop and push research capabilities, design and innovation thinking and practice, ability to work within a team, and the application of designing to creating end products for manufacture and retail.

By addressing the areas of research, observation, annotation, development, application, realisation, presentation and self-evaluation, students learn the essential skills and approaches required for success in the fashion industry.

A variety of teaching methods are employed,including lectures, toolshops, workshops, tutorials, directed study, and self-directed study. Students learn via a mixture of taught theory, example and applied practice that expose to trial, error and success situations requiring intellectual analysis and problem solving.

Assigment to research sports-brand and fashion house. Clash together their DNA, result: streetwear outfit.

Brands: GUCCI vs NIKE